Easy Bangs: Cut Your Own Perfect Fringe at Home



A trip to the hair salon can be an expensive way to update your look if you aren’t changing much in your overall style. Save yourself some time and money by learning to cut your own bangs at home. One tool that is great for getting the perfect results every time is the CreaClip (link), which gives you an excellent guide for the right length and angle for your face shape. It is almost impossible to make a mistake!

Before you use the CreaClip and use the scissors, you need to first determine what type of bangs you should cut into your hair. Look at the picture above to figure out what face shape you have. Each looks best when accented with a particular style of bangs.

Different Face Shapes:

Easy Bangs
Image Source: hairworldmag

•    Oval – Straight, angled, side-swept or textured bangs. Oval faces look great with every style of bangs possible. Lucky you!
•    Round – Give length and structure to your face with angled or textured bangs. Cutting bangs so they widen the forehead look can help too, so straight across is also attractive.
•    Diamond and heart – Shorter angled bangs and side swept bangs help soften the more angular features of these face shapes.
•    Rectangular – Create the illusion of a wider face and hide some of the length with layered bangs and side swept bangs that are fuller and fluffier than sleek. Never cut bangs too short as this will only accentuate the long face.
•    Pear – Side swept bangs are the best to balance this face shape.

Easy Hair Cutting at Home

Easy Bangs
Image Source: vilamulher

After you figure out what bang style works best for you, it is time to use the CreaClip. Clip it on and slide it down the hair section until you reach the desired length. Then just cut the hair at the perfect angle or perfectly straight across. Since bangs should be trimmed regularly, this tool will help you save tons of money on going to the salon and maintain your beautiful look with ease.



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