Easy DIY Resin Bangle Bracelet



You will need:
bracelet mold for epoxy resin, double component epoxy resin, a container to mix resin (single use cup), stirring stick, dry leaves, toothpick, scissors.

1. Rinse the mold

2. Mix the mold (mold to hardener ratio 3:1). Set aside for the bubbles to disappear completely.

3. Prepare dry leaves – choose pretty, symmetrical ones. Cut off uneven edges and leaves with scissors, so that they don’t stick out from the mold.

4. After letting the resin stand for approximately 10 minutes, carefully pour it into the mold.

Carefully submerge the leaves into the resin; use a toothpick if needed.

After you’re done, fix the leaves and straighten them out so that they are positioned evenly around the circle.

5. You will now need to use an oven to remove excess bubbles from resin, and speed up the hardening process. Preheat the oven to 80 degrees, turn it off, open for a few minutes, then place the mold inside and close the oven door. Wait 10-15 minutes.

6. Take the mold out of the oven and let the resin harden for approximately 24 hours.

7.  Once your bracelet is fully solid, time to take it out of the mold. Do this carefully, no rapid movement; it should be easy.

8. The edges always require some sanding and varnishing, which is what we’re about to do.

Sand and varnish.






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