Evening Golden Makeup Tutorial



Ideal make-up for blue eyes and its technique

To add some magnetism to the beauty of blue eyes, you need to know some make-up nuances. Interestingly, blue eyes look great with almost any color palette. They tolerate different combinations – with both hot and cold shades. There are, of course, special palettes, specially designed for blue eyes!

For women with fair skin, blondes, brunettes or redheads, there is a huge number of color combinations that can be used in make-up.

Also remember that depending on the weather, you need to choose the right foundation for your face. It should be light during warm months and denser during the cold ones. However, it’s not necessary to apply it in large quantities.

You can choose light blue, dark blue, medium gray, pink, lavender, silver, gold, orange eye shadow shades and shades ranging from beige to dark brown.

Black, brown or navy eyeliner perfectly emphasizes blue eyes and makes them look bigger.

You can combine light and dark shades to create a visual depth for the evening. Apply pearl shadows under the brows, its shine is especially attractive in the light of evening fires.

Lipstick or lip-gloss is chosen according to the color of makeup.



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