This is something every woman needs to know!


1.    Burdock and castor oil – good for hair growth
2.    Apricot oil – good for full body massage and nails
3.    Bitter pepper tincture – good as hair mask for faster hair growth
4.    Shilajit – good for stretch marks (dissolve a tablet in body lotion or water, apply to stretch marks.)
5.    Lavender essential oil – add a few drops to your hair conditioner, and your hair will stay clean longer
6.    Sea salt – good for baths, beneficial to your body and nails
7.    Wheatgerm oil – good for dry skin
8.    Jojoba oil – good for eyes and small wrinkles
9.    Salicylic/zinc paste – good for whiteheads and blackheads
10.    Vitamins E and A in capsules – good for dry lips and eyelids

every woman needs to know
11.    Hyaluronic acid – good for eye bags
12.    Apple cider vinegar is good for cellulite and spider veins on your legs. Apply to your thighs every day after showering. In 2 weeks, spider veins should be noticeably faded. There’s usually no irritation or side effects, only smell.
13.    Tea tree oil – for breakouts
14.    Boric alcohol – for acne
15.    Blue clay – body and facial masks
16.    Homeopathic calendula ointment – soften the skin on your feet
17.    Spongillidae – good for bruises
18.    Walnut oil – good for wrinkles and under eye circles
19.    Glycerol – soften your hands. Glycerol + 6% Vinegar good for softening the skin on your feet.
20.    Almond oil – good for preventing stretch marks
21.    Repevit – scalp stimulator, increases hair growth rate
22.    Vitamins A+E, lemon juice, Dimexid – mix 2 teaspoons of each, stir, and apply to scalp. Wear a hairnet for an hour then rinse. Speeds up hair growth.
23.    Apply peppermint oil to your temples before bed – it helps you sleep.


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