Exotic Shimmer Smoke Eye Makeup for Evening



Smoky eye makeup requires dark eyeshadow and mascara to give your eyes that exotic look. The style can be made with any other color eyeshadow depending on the occasion or your outfit. To truly make a stunning eye makeup look for evening – perfect for New Year’s Eve partying – pair the smoky look with the exotic shimmer of electric grey. This bold look may be far outside your usual eye makeup, but don’t be afraid to take a bold step and where it. No matter what your eye color, exotic shimmer smoke eye makeup perfect for partying all night long.

Materials Needed:

•    Eye makeup primer
•    Black eyeshadow
•    Shimmer gray eyeshadow
•    Black liquid eyeliner
•    Black pencil eyeliner
•    White pencil eyeliner
•    Black mascara
•    Assorted makeup brushes and applicators


Shimmer Smoke Eye Makeup

1.    Apply eye makeup primer around your entire eye area to give this style more staying power.
2.    Cover most of your eyelid with the white pencil eyeliner and use the black pencil eyeliner to draw the shape at the corner as seen in the picture.
3.    Cover the black eye pencil and a bit of the white eye pencil with the black eye shadow and blend them.
4.    Sweep shimmering gray eyeshadow over the rest of the white area.
5.    Trace your lash line with the black liquid liner.
6.    Finish up with a heavy application of black mascara. False eyelashes can also be used if desired.
7.    Use the white eyeliner pencil to waterline the lower lashes to finish.




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