Eyebrow Shape For The Shape Of Your Face



As indicated above, your eyebrow shape should go well with your face shape and level out its visual flaws. The following are recommendations on how to choose the shape of the eyebrows.

Oval face, in modern terms, is considered ideal. Women with an oval face shape almost never need correction of appearance using make-up and hairstyles. Therefore, eyebrows with an oval face can be of any shape. The ideal shape is a rounded one or with a mild curve. You can’t raise eyebrows too high, as the face will have an angry, a frustrated or a surprised expression. Women with oval faces have more opportunities for experiments. Experiment with different shapes of eyebrows and choose the most suitable one.

An interesting eyebrow shape for an oval face is “winged” eyebrows (Christina Aguilera, Victoria Beckham), which resembles a curved bird’s wing. This shape makes the face more astute and softens its features. However, we must remember that the bend of “winged” eyebrows should be moderate.

Round face can be visually lengthened and made to look narrower with a suitable shape of eyebrows. Eyebrows on round face should make it expressive and its shape more elongated. Choosing eyebrow shape for round face may represent certain complexity due to the fact that not every shape will look good on such a face. The best eyebrow shape for round face is a high-rise form with a curve in the middle and a short tip. That is, the line of the eyebrows should at first go up and then down without the curve being too sharp as it will on the contrary emphasize the roundness of your face. Broken shape of the eyebrows will give your look expressiveness, however a strong sharpening of the curve and high line is not recommended, because your face will get an unpleasant surprised appearance. Eyebrows should be thick enough, but in no case shaggy. Remember that with round face round shape of eyebrows is absolutely forbidden!

Long (stretched) face was and is still considered a sign of aristocratic origin. Therefore, any issues that owners of elongated faces might have are simply not necessary. Such recognized sex symbols as Monica Bellucci, Jessica Alba, Jennifer Hewitt, Denise Richards and others have an elongated face. It’s a sin to doubt their attractiveness.

Narrow face, requires special hair and makeup for its visual shortening. The right eyebrow shape is able to correct a few differences in the proportions of the face and this, of course, has to be taken advantage of.

Eyebrow shape of the long faces should strive for a horizontal line. The ideal are straight eyebrows. Direct eyebrow shape visually compensates the elongation of the face and gives clarity and immediacy to facial expressions. The length of the eyebrows should be long enough for the tip to reach the outer corner of the eye and eyebrow tail to be directed towards the upper part of the ear (may be even higher).

A curved (arched) eyebrow shape is also allowed for elongated face. The height of the arch should be small. The tip of the brow, if you chose a curved shape, can’t be lowered down to the temple.
Round eyebrows with a high arch are considered unflattering for elongated face. Remember that eyebrow shape for a long face does not involve lines going down and up. In no case there should be any angles, expressed or implied, with respect to the horizontal line of the eyebrows.


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