How To Find The Right Bra For You



Choosing the right bra is about health and comfort, first and foremost. Every girl should remember that!

Here are some basic bra types and their perks

1.    Balconette bra – lifts your breast, making it visually larger.

Balconette bra
2.    Plunge bra – has a modern shape and provides great support, making it an ideal pick if you’re showing cleavage.

Plunge bra
3.    ¾ cup bra – a supporting bra that covers ¾ of your breast and gives it an amazing shape.

 ¾ cup bra
4.    Push-up bra – lifts your breast and helps create seductive cleavage – a perfect choice for smaller bust.

Push-up bra
5.    Molded bra – this bra is very smooth and goes great with tight fit clothing.

Molded bra
6.    Wireless bra – soft and comfortable, provides good support.

Wireless bra
7.    Multiway bra – can be worn with or without straps, with one strap, or both straps crossed on the back.

Multiway bra
8.    T-shirt bra – a seamless bra with molded cups – looks perfect under a tee.

T-shirt bra

Choosing the right bra:

–     Make sure you can easily fit 2 fingers between the band and your back
–     The central part of the bra is touching the middle of your chest
–     Your breasts fully fit inside the cups
–     The wire doesn’t cut into your skin
–     Straps are well-adjusted and aren’t too tight. If removed, the bra stays in place and still supports you breast.



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