Finding a Hair Style That Fits Your Face



Women love to change their looks, especially in regards to their hairstyles. One old saying states, “When a woman makes changes to her hair she is getting ready to make changes to the world”. When you think about it, this is a saying that is true, usually we change our appearance for emotional reasons, and the quickest change that we can make that will stand out is our hairstyle. The hard part comes in when it is time for you to select the ideal hairstyle. Usually, this decision is made based on the shape of your face. Therefore, today we are going to provide you with some tips for finding a hairstyle that fits your face. Let us begin!

Hair Style
Oval Face
Oval face shapes can try a variety of styles and lengths. However, long hairstyles fit oval faces the best or you could opt to go with buns or braids.
Round Face
Women with round faces tend to look better with middle length hairstyles or ponytails.
Heart Shaped Face
If you have a heart shape face, we recommend that you stay away from short hair and stick with long hair. If you really want to draw some positive attention to yourself, we recommend keeping everything curly.
Square Face
Women with square faces should avoid going with middle length hair and go with short or very long hair, to avoid making their faces look wide. We suggest keeping your hair loose and free or straightening it.
Regardless, of the shape of your face remember you are beautiful!





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