No Flour Natural Pancake Recipe



An increasing number of people are going gluten-free and shying away from flour products and simple carbs. These all-natural, no flour banana pancakes can satisfy your taste for a healthy and delicious morning meal without processed foods. This dish is less than 250 calories and a filling start to your day.

Pancake Recipe
Pancake Recipe

Ingredients Needed:

1 banana
2 eggs
Cooking spray
Berries or cut fruit to garnish

Making these flourless banana pancakes is easy. Put all the ingredients in a bowl together after slicing the banana into small pieces. Mash and mix everything together until it is well blended. Before cooking, spray the hot pan with some cooking spray. Coconut oil spray works great for this meal. Pour out a dollop of the pancake mixture onto the medium-heat pan and wait till it browns a bit at the edges. Flip it carefully and cook the other side. Serve with fresh fruit and berries for a healthy and delicious meal.


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