Get Beautiful Eyes With This Double Eyeliner Style



    Accentuate your eyes beautifully with this light and dark double eyeliner style. Not only is it very simple to complete, but it creates a wide-eyed look that can be perfect for every day where as well as special occasions. Because of the contrast between the dark line and the light, this double eyeliner style really makes colorful eyes pop. However, women with dark eyes can use this technique as well. We recommend adding a colorful spot of eye shadow on the lid to make it more exciting.

    Materials Needed:
    •    Black liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner
    •    White eyeliner pencil
    •    Eyeshadow in a tone that matches your skin
    •    Your favorite mascara

    Double Eyeliner Style

    Image Source: weheartit

    1.    Begin with your usual foundation for cover and be sure your eyebrows are shaped beautifully.
    2.    Use the skin-tone eyeshadow first. You can also use colored eyeshadow if you wish.
    3.    Use an angled brush to create the correct line coming off the corner of your eye as shown in the picture.
    4.    Make a smooth line with the black liquid or pencil liner directly above your upper eyelash line.
    5.    Trace the black eyeliner with the white pencil directly above it.
    6.    Add brightness and the appearance of size by applying white liner on the water line near the lower lashes.
    7.    Apply mascara as you usually do to complete this unique look.



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