When to get a Haircut


MONDAY (Moon) Pick this day if you want to get rid of feelings of sadness and sorrow. A lot of negative emotions, unresolved and built up issues will leave with the hair.
Don’t cut your hair on Monday if you were born on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Sunday.

TUESDAY (Mars) It’s a good day to get a haircut if your immune system is weak, and you’re tired of the daily routine but can’t work up the courage to make big changes or be initiative.
Get your haircut some other day if you were born on Monday or Friday.

WEDNESDAY (Mercury) Getting a haircut on this day will stabilize your nervous system. It will stimulate your logical thinking, improve your memory, increase your ability to gain knowledge and establish new contacts and connections.
It’s a bad day to get a haircut if you were born on Thursday.

THURSDAY (Jupiter) Getting a haircut on Thursday will bring changes into your relationships with others and resolve social issues. If you often feel like your life is unfair, that you’re unlucky, get a haircut on this day, and it will attract popularity and general well-being.
Don’t get a haircut on Thursday if you were born on Wednesday.

FRIDAY (Venus) It is a unique day to get a haircut, as you’re not just changing your hairstyle, but your appearance as well. Thus it increases your chances of gaining life-changing acquaintances and connections. But if you’re already happy with the way you look, and are naturally passionate, choose another day, since Friday does not tolerate excess, and can take away your inner balance. Remember: ‘Best’ is the biggest enemy of ‘Good’, and excess often turns into its opposite. It is no wonder that many religions consider it the day to restrain yourself and fast. Those born on Tuesday shouldn’t have their hair cut on this day.


SATURDAY (Saturn) A fortunate day to get your hair cut. It relieves damaged hair and brings good luck, removing karma and sins of your ancestors. It helps you develop patience and uncover new skills. Stabilizes your mental health and financial well-being. You shouldn’t get your hair cut on Saturday if you were born on Sunday.

SUNDAY (Sun) An unfortunate day to get a haircut in every way. You might scare away good luck. If you’re in the middle of solving problems or finishing up on any kind of business, it can cause a huge setback. The effect is especially amplified for those born on Monday. Only the most unluckiest of all can try and change their fortune by getting a haircut on this day, and even then there’s no guarantee.

Choose the right stage of Lunar Cycle to cut your hair. If the Moon is growing bigger, cutting your hair during this stage will cause it to grow faster. Getting a haircut while the Moon is growing smaller will cause it to grow slower, but make it stronger. This is, of course, most appropriate for men.


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