Give Your Eyebrows a Perfect Shape



Overly thin thread-like eyebrows don’t compliment anybody, but neither do overly bushy brows.

1.    Using a clean mascara brush, brush your eyebrows to prepare for step 2.

Eyebrows a Perfect Shape
2.    Use small scissors to cut off any hair that sticks out above your eyebrow.
3.    Using tweezers, pluck excess hair above and under your brows.

Eyebrows a Perfect Shape
4.    Get rid of very short hairs.
5.    To find the ideal point for your eyebrow to start, get a pencil and use it to connect your nostril with the corner of your eye.
6.    Connect your nostril and the center of your pupil the same way. This will show you where the highest point of your eyebrow arch should be.

Eyebrows a Perfect Shape
7.    To determine where your brow should end, connect your nostril with the outer corner of your eye, and find the point where the pencil crosses your eyebrow. That is it.
Eyebrows a Perfect Shape
8.    Use brown eyeshadow to make your brows more expressive.




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