How To Grow Roses From A Single Picked Flower



Many of us who receive rose bouquets notice the stems begin to sprout after a few days. Some of us wonder whether they could somehow give life to this beautiful plant and grow amazingly gorgeous flowers themselves.
If you have the actual desire and dedication, you can go through with it by following the steps below.

Grow Roses From A Single Picked Flower


1.    Wait till the roses fade (but not completely). Cut the stems into smaller parts, so that each part has at least 3 buds, meaning each sprout fragment must have 2 internodes.
2.    Use a sharp razor blade or knife to make a small slanted cut right below the bud and an even cut 0.5cm above the bud. If there’s leaves, remove the one below completely and the above one partially.
3.    Get a product that improves plant rooting, follow instructions, and place the stem parts inside the mixture for 12-14 hours.
4.    Prepare a planter with nutritious loose soil (you can get soil specifically designed for roses at a plant store). Plant the stem parts at an angle, so that the middle bud is above the soil level, slightly above the surface. Pat the soil around it with your fingers.
5.    Cut a plastic bottle in half, take off the cap. Place it over the stems. The optimal temperature for your roses is 25 degrees Celsius.
6.    Sprinkle the freshly planted stems with water (room temperature or warmer) 5-6 times a day. The soil must remain hydrated, but not mushy.


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