Hand Shape and Character



Not only a makeup, a bag, a tube of lipstick or even a favorite shape of nails can tell much about a woman. Pay attention to the shape of the hands, to get the most complete information.

Type 1. Square form palm, short fingers
Women with such hands are very practical. Rarely dream of unrealistic things, they are conservative. They are distinguished by reliability, loyalty and flexibility of mind. They are easy to fit in with new people and do not see anything wrong with that, to transfer these dating into “business track.” If you recognize yourself in this description, remember that a too high level of expectation is the cause of quarrels. So from time to time let yourself be spontaneous and act not according to plan.

Hand Shape and Character
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Type 2. Square form palm, long fingers
Many women of this type prefer stressing every word with gestures. They are impulsive and emotional. Everything they do, they do with graceful, with ease, effortlessly. They are distinguished by the diversity of interests, they hate routine and rituals. In pursuit of new sensations, they are able to virtually any madness. They are happy to communicate with people and computers. They are close to almost all office equipment. If you recognize yourself in this description, try to secure an additional source of energy, so as not to run out of steam too quickly. TAny meditation techniques, will help you with that as long as you use them on a regular basis, visiting spas (however, you can arrange spa and right at home), and quiet evenings at least once in two weeks.

Type 3. Oblong form palm. short fingers
These women are very positive and great organizers. They are interested in everything new and unknown. For them, the whole world is a theater; they feel extremely uncomfortable without the attention of others and their emotions, they need public like air. At heart, such individuals are young children, whose curiosity about excuses cannot be met with excuses. They are interested in everything new and unknown. They love to test everything on themselves for this reason, and not because they do not trust other people’s words. If you recognize yourself in this description, we advise you to hurry less and rest more, to avoid overloading the nervous system, heart and blood vessels.

Type 4. Oblong form palm. long fingers
The representatives of this group are often plagued by doubts and contradictions. They are soft, sensitive and easily influenced by others’. Among them are many creative people. Stress tolerance and ability to work under pressure are not the strengths of these women. They are uncomfortable in the hustle and bustle; they have little interest in the drive and adrenaline. These persons have a well-developed intuition. They often know who calls or some of the solutions to the problems you should choose. Financial matters worry them less than spiritual. Among them are many kinestetiks – they do not miss an opportunity to pat a cat, select carefully lingerie and clothes and get irritated if somewhere something rubs and, as they say, “do not cling” to the body. If you recognize yourself in this description, often remember that the new tactile sensations every day help us pushing away the old age, so aim for their diversity, and do not settle for the usual.



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