Homemade Curd Snacks


100g of chocolate
2-3 tablespoons of sugar
200-250g of curd cheese
Fruit to make the filling (in this case – kiwi and frozen cherry)
Silicon cooking forms and a brush

Homemade Curd Snacks
Homemade Curd Snacks


Melt the chocolate in microwave

Using a silicon brush, layer chocolate inside the cooking forms (add a layer on each side and bottom)

Add as much chocolate as you need to make a thick layer. Once all the forms are covered in chocolate, place them in the freezer.

While our chocolate is turning solid, lets make the curd cheese filling. Mix curd cheese with sugar. Use blender to achieve an even substance.

Peel and mince kiwis.

Mince cherries.
Take the forms out of the freezer and fill them with filling, adding curd cheese and fruit in layers. If you don’t feel like making layers, just mix cottage cheese and fruit together. The filling must fill out the entire form. Add a layer of chocolate on top and even it out. Place in the freezer.
Take the forms out of the freezer (just 5 minutes later!). Your snacks are ready!

Carefully take the snacks out of the forms and enjoy your homemade dessert.

Bon Appetit!


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