How to do a Hot Oil Nail Treatment

Nail Treatment
Nail Treatment

1. OK, so this is a really good thing to do once a week as it just nourishes your nails and really softens your cuticles. So start by putting the boiling water just from the kettle in a bowl then put grape seed or olive oil in a smaller bowl and put on top of the water. Leave it here for 5 mins so it can warm up the oil.

2. Cut up some cotton in to quarters  and dip one of the little pads in to the oil. Squeeze out the excess and place on top of the nail.

Nail Treatment
Nail Treatment

3. Wrap the peace of foil around the finger tightly so it wont fail off. Do one hand at the time as it can get tricky , with foil and oil on the other hands. Leave for about 5 mins or longer if your patient.

4. Take the foil and cotton pad off. Now is a great time to push back your cuticles as they will be so soft.  I like to do this once a week if I can. It can really help dry , brittle,  chipped, nails.
Remove oil on the nail with nail varnish remover. It’s important to do this as if you apply nail varnish it will just slide off otherwise.


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