Huge Eye Illusion – Make Your Eyes Look Bigger Now



Many women love to have big, beautiful eyes that really stand out. For those not blessed with large eyes genetics, makeup can provide the look without much effort. While it is important to maintain a balanced look with the other features on your face, wider eyes are always beautiful. With the makeup technique we show you below, you not only have stunning eye makeup style but you also have the look of larger, brighter eyes.

Materials Needed:

•    Eye makeup primer
•    White or off-white eyeshadow
•    Dark brown or black eyeshadow
•    Liquid eyeliner in black
•    Pencil eyeliner in black
•    Various makeup brushes and applicators
•    Black mascara


1.    Apply a thick layer of eye makeup primer to the upper and lower lids and everywhere the eye makeup will go. This will help the makeup stick and last the whole day or night through.

2.    Cover the whole upper eyelid with the white or off-white eyeshadow. Make this application thick and opaque.

3.    Create the appearance of depth by drawing a line with black eyeshadow in the crease of your eyelid and surrounding the edges. The pictures should show you precisely where to make the lines for maximum effect.

4.    Also apply black eyeshadow to the outer corner and the lower lash line. No black shadow should be on the inner one third of the eye. If desired, add some softer brown eyeshadow on the edges and blend well.

5.    Draw a cat’s eye shape with the liquid black eyeliner on the upper lid.

6.    Use the black pencil eyeliner to accentuate the water line on your lower lid.

7.    Complete this wide-eyed look with an application of dramatic mascara.


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