Ice Therapy


Using ice cubes is a great way to tone your skin, improve circulation and prevent premature wrinkles.

Acne and inflammation

Cold temperatures help reduce inflammation and pain sometimes caused by breakouts. Get an ice cube and wrap it in fabric (preferably something soft on the skin), then hold it to your face for 5-10 minutes. This should reduce the redness.

Puffy eyes

If you didn’t get any sleep and discovered you have eye bags in the morning – no need to worry! Grab an ice cube and apply it to the area below your eye. You will notice an improvement right away! For even better results, use frozen tea or coffee. Skincare experts also recommend another trick – use ice cubes with thinly cut cucumber slices to combat eye redness.


Large pores

Before applying foundation, roll an ice cube on your face, giving extra attention to the areas with enlarged pores. The cold will shrink your pores and make them less noticeable.

Dead skin cells

Using ice is a great way to get rid of dead skin cells. Mix fruit and veggies in a food processor (like strawberry, cucumber, or banana) and place in freezer. Use the nutritious ice cubes to revitalize your skin. After a while your skin will appear smoother and healthier.


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