Indian Hair Mask



•    A glass of henna (colorful or colorless)
•    3 egg yolks
•    Half a cup of sour cream (or cream, butter, or white yogurt)
•    Half a tablespoon of fresh lemon juice
•    Two cups of black tea (instead you can take green tea, herbal tea, or chamomile)

Preparation of the mask:

•    2 cups of tea (herbs) are steeped in 3 cups of water
•    The resulting mixture is heated to a boil and then reduced by half
•     Then, strain the broth
•    Next, put the henna in the mixture
•     Allow the mixture to cool
•    After that, beat the cream with the 3 egg yolks, add half a tablespoon of lemon juice  to the cream, and finally add to the cooled mixture of henna and tea.

This Indian hair mask is used as follows:

•    Distribute evenly over the entire length of slightly damp hair
•    Then cover the head  with a plastic cap (you can get a package)
•    The mixture must stay on the hair for 1-3 hours, then rinsed well with room temperature water
•    The last thing you need to do  is wash your hair as you normally would
This Indian hair mask not only nourishes your hair’s health, but also makes it attractive, silky and manageable.

Using this mask is recommended once a month – more often simply does not make sense.  Its effects last for quite a long time. And so, as everything is learned in practice, so give it a try; maybe this Indian hair mask will be useful to you!



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