1.    Full lips, wide mouth. You’re a go-getter.


If you like something, you have to immediately have it, be it a new purse or a new man. You’re uninhibited and energetic, you’re not too shy to take control and show initiative by approaching a guy and asking him out, or being the first one to call. You’re the kind of girl that doesn’t wait around for an invitation, but reaches out and takes what she wants instead. There’s always something going on in your life, and whenever you hear the word ‘boring’ from your friends… you don’t exactly get what that means. Your motto is ‘Now or never’.
You value freedom and independence above all. You respect your partner’s space, and expect him to do you the same courtesy. The man you choose to settle down with has to be an amazing lover, and a great decision maker. Mama’s boys and easily intimidated guys aren’t your type.

2.    Full, but regular sized lips. You’re a romantic.

You are a lady who always gives in to your emotions rather than common sense. Your life is filled with ups and downs, there’s never a middle ground. You’re the kind of person anyone can rely on, you’ll never turn your back on others, and they always have your shoulder to cry on. It’s no surprise you attract many men, but there’s another side to you. You prefer to ignore important and serious issues, and pretend they don’t exist. Her expectations of a perfect man consist of out of this world illusions, magazine standards, and romance novels. Men often view you as modest, quiet, a beta female that will never challenge them. And that’s a huge mistake, as looks can be deceiving.

3.    Upper lip is fuller than lower lip. You love being bossy.

You’re a self-sufficient individual who doesn’t cut corners and likes to do everything right, always finishing what you started. You usually know exactly what you want. You only act once you weigh everything in. Your credo is ‘Now or never’. You’re annoyed by people who look for shortcuts and don’t finish what they start.
Your vanity and high self-esteem often helps you achieve your goal. You possess the qualities of a leader, including charisma. You like to make the rules, and are honestly surprised when it causes your relationships to get strained. The man of your dreams is just as ambitious as you are, and will constantly push you to reach for the stars.
The only thing that can keep you together is learning how to compromise.

4.    Lower lip is thicker than upper lip. You’re a mysterious stranger.

All eyes are always on you, because you stand out from the crowd. Men often follow you with their eyes, while women give you angry and jealous looks. You would rather wear a potato sack than something that’s ‘in’ or ‘trendy’. Your NEED to feel different and unique. This shows in your style and your behavior.
You know you’re looking for someone truly special, even if that search takes ages. A mysterious stranger never lacks male attention, but she is more interested in those who manage to resist her charm.

5.    Thin lips, wide mouth. You’re a realist.

You’re not a big dreamer, and are very down-to-earth. You like to plan everything in advance, like the kind of person who buys Christmas gifts in fall, and packs bags one month before going on a trip. And you love every minute of it. You’re extremely practical, and never swoon or lose yourself, even when you fall in love. You have to experience something truly extraordinary and amazing for you to be able to let go without weighing in every little detail first.
You are the definition of bottled up emotions. You don’t show your feelings publicly, that’s why you often come off as cold, withdrawn, and even arrogant. The first impression you make is deceiving, as it is simply much harder for you to open yourself up to others, even to a small extent. You long for stability and enjoy a predictable lifestyle. The man of your dreams doesn’t have to be romantic, overly sophisticated, or inventive. All you ask for is reliability.

6.    Thin lips, small mouth. You’re an adventuress.

You can take on almost anything, and you’re exceptionally optimistic. You’re not physically capable of staying in the same place for too long. You have to be out there, taking care of sick kids and animals in Africa or conquering Kilimanjaro. You’re less interested in low-key activities and projects. You love adventures and the adrenaline rush you get from new and crazy experiences. You have so much faith in yourself, sometimes you take too many risks, and reach out for things others would be too afraid to take on.
You’re a true fighter, so strong and willful, it often intimidates men. Your inner Lara Croft won’t be satisfied with just anyone. Her significant other must possess similar traits, and she will never fall for or waste her time on a pushover or a wuss.


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