LIPSTICK: 23 Shades That Makes Teeth Whiter



A beautiful smile can slay any man on the spot. Here we give you the best lipstick shades that will help you whiten your teeth visually.

Shades that Makes Teeth Whiter

1. Pale pink
Nude lipstick shades make teeth look yellow. Instead, try lipstick in shining pink tones with a light texture.

2. Transparent pink
In contrast to coral shades, pink berry tones make one’s smile more radiant and flawless.

3. Pink with blue midtones
Heavyweight matte lipstick with blue midtones hides yellow spots on the teeth.

4. Fuchsia
This is another group of pink shades with blue midtones which make a brighter smile. Use fuchsia or bright candy colors.

5. Bright red
A bold red color can visually lighten teeth 1-2 shades. For a more noticeable effect, apply two coats of lipstick.

6. Deep red
Not surprisingly, this color of lipstick is the sexiest. It not only makes anyone look feminine, but also causes an impeccably white smile.




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