Make-up for all ages



15-22 years: taking risks

This is the age when you can afford a lot. For example, play with bright, provocative colors. “You are in search of yourself, trying to express your own individuality. Therefore, make-up can be any: defiant or moody, “- says Gemma and advises to try vigorously pink lipstick or purple eye shadow, like the star of “The Vampire Diaries” Kat Graham. However, it’s still not worth to combine these two if you aren’t going to a party in the style of dashing 90th.

23-25 years: experimenting with textures

As Gemma says, this is a time when we are striving for refinement and emphasized femininity. At this age, it’s important that people around us take us seriously as elegant young women. “The skin now is so dense and beautiful that you can afford a lot. The tricks that are not appropriate later will work best. I advise combining different textures in make-up products – such as powder eye shadows and cream eyeliner to get the effect of both smoky and expressive eyes. You can also mix dry shade with a corrector”- the make-up artist continues.

Closer to 30 years: bold decisions

It’s time to give preference to neutral colors, but bright accents are required. “Choose eye shadows of quiet tones, but with interesting texture – shiny or gel. A drop of blush on the cheeks and luscious lips will complement the image. In this case Ashley Greene’s makeup is a great example to follow, “- says Kidd. We agree, but still advise not to use too much blush. However … Doll’s cheeks are trend today, so why not!

A bit after 30: nobility – yes

“By this age, the beauty of woman reaches its peak, it is executed – says Gemma. – She has confidence, knowledge of life, and she does not tend to experiment with make-up.” The best option – like Beyonce. However, avoid coal-black tones. Combine coffee, melted milk, dark gray colors and similar complex shades. Makeup that is too graphic gives the image rigidity, so it’s best to avoid it. Bet on flowing lines and color transitions. And free your makeup bag from ultra shiny products – they emphasize fine lines around the eyes (if any).



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