How to Make Bohemian Curls in 5 Minutes



Romantic bohemian hairstyle looks rough but very impressive. We’ll show you how to create it in no time!

Bohemian Curls

* Apply light mousse to the hair and blow-dry it with a hair dryer to give additional volume and texture.

Bohemian Curls

* Make a partition in the middle of the head.

* Lock front locks with two clamps.

Bohemian Curls

* With the help of a thick curling iron curl strands of different thickness in different directions.

* Curl front strands and tousle hair with your fingers, passing along the entire length.

Bohemian Curls

You can achieve a similar effect with a salt spray.

To make a salt spray with sea salt, you’ll need the following:

1 tsp of sea salt
1 cup of warm water
1 tsp of argan or coconut oil
1 tsp of aloe vera gel (optional)
1 tsp of lemon juice if you want to gently lighten your hair.

Dissolve the salt in warm water, add oil and other ingredients.

Put sea salt spray in a spray bottle and shake.

Apply to dry hair before bed and then put your hair in a knot or a braid.

You can also spritz the spray on damp hair, then blow-dry with a hair dryer, working through the strands with your fingers.



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