Make a Christmas Fireplace from Cardboard



This is ideal for those of you who are lackingĀ  a chimney and a fireplace to welcome Santa Claus during the Christmas holidays. So, now you can create your own fireplace, hang the stockings for gifts, and make the children’s imaginations vivid and have Happy Holidays!

You will need cardboard, your artistic nature in action and a little extra space to place it.


4 square cartons, 45 cm.

2 rectangular cartons, 70 x 50 x 12.5 cm.

Paper packing tape in brown


Acrylic or plastic paint colors (red, brown, cream, black and white)

Paper plates

A large rectangular sponge

An oakum or a small, old cloth

Square sheet of paper (at least 50 cm.)

Time Required: Less than 1 hour

Step 1:

Configure the hearth of the fireplace: Assemble the four boxes. Leaving the top cover open, seal all other joins with the packing tape. Stack two boxes (one over the other) with the open cover on the same side, and secure the covers together with the tape.

Step 2:

Next seal all the joints and corners to create a smooth surface ready for painting. Do the same with the other two boxes. Now, place the two double boxes on opposite sides, so that the open covers meet in the middle. Join the covers together with tape to configure the back wall of the fireplace hearth.

Step 3:

Paint the bricks: Cover the surface you are working on with a newspaper. On a paper plate, alternately drip the red, brown and cream-colored acrylic paint. Dampen the sponge and then submerge one of its surfaces into the paint to soak in the different colors to achieve a mottled effect. Use the sponge to create rows of bricks on the hearth, adding color wherever you think it is necessary.

Step 4:

If you want to make the fireplace mantle to look like marble: Assemble the two rectangular boxes and fasten them together with tape from one side to another. Add black and white to the second paper plate. Moisten the sponge, dip it in the two shades of the paint and apply it to the mantle by twirling it to create a gray area that resembles marble. When dry, put the mantle above the hearth and place the gray paper on the floor to represent the fire in the hearth.



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