How to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger



1.    Eye pencil
Don’t try to highlight your entire eye with eye pencil – the effect will be the opposite. Instead, draw a line on your upper eyelid only, making in thicker on the outer corner of your eye.

 Eyes Look Bigger
Eyes Look Bigger

2.    Eyeshadow
Use lighter shades, like olive green, pale pink, and light gray. Eyeshadow with light reflecting particles is a great pick. Avoid darker colors.
3.    Mascara
Long, voluminous lashes will visually open up your eyes. So choose mascara that claims to both lengthen and increase the volume of your eyelashes. Always use an eyelash curler.
4.    Eyebrows
Thin brows don’t compliment small eyes, so keep your brows naturally full (but don’t overdo it).


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