How To Make Glowing Butterflies On Your Wall



A butterfly is a symbol of beauty and grace. Glow-in-the-dark butterflies can make your room feel truly magic.
Choose a wall that gets a lot of light for this wall decoration. It also needs a light source close to it, due to the special properties of phosphor paint.

You will need:
Materials: butterfly stencils, phosphor paint (green, yellow, and blue glow.) Tools: Pencils, sponge, palette, spray adhesive, flat synthetic brush, and 3 other brushes of any size.

1.    Prepare several different butterfly stencils (it’s better to have a different one for each butterfly).

2.    Spray the back side of each stencils with spray adhesive and glue them onto the wall.

3.    Cut the sponge into 3 parts. Fix them on the handles of your brushes.

4.    Squeeze out phosphor paint (all colors) onto the palette without mixing. Using sponges on the brush handles, apply paint to the wall. It’s better to do this during twilight, so you can paint it evenly.

5.    After you’re done, wait 10 minutes for the paint to dry up a bit. Carefully remove the stencils from the wall. Let the wall dry for about 2 hours. Use a pencil to make an even contour around each one.

6.    Add some blue strokes around the wings to create an illusion of motion. Try to make them thin, almost translucent, so that they look light and airy.
Your decoration is ready. Once the lights go out, your room will liven up with glowing butterflies!



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