How to Make the Nose Look Smaller with Makeup



    It may seem that changing your natural appearance is impossible, and the only way to have a neat little nose is plastic surgery. We hasten to reassure you that it is possible to correct your look. To do this, you just need to learn a few simple makeup tricks.


    Contouring is the salvation for many women who are unhappy with their appearance. Some people use this technique to draw cheekbones or correct some facial features. You can learn how to contour your nose too. To do this, you will need a bronzer or a powder two tints darker than your skin tone and a highlighter. With the bronzer and brush, draw two lines on the sides of the nose, and highlighter should be used for the top. Gently blend the border between light and dark shades to make your contouring look realistic.

    Matting napkin

    The nose can suffer from problems of the T-zone, and this most likely means that the skin has an unpleasant, oily sheen, which can be very eye-catching. Use matting napkins to reduce sebum and forget about glossy skin.

    Bring focus to the eyes

    This little trick will help you to change people’s focus from your non-ideal nose to the most attractive part of the face Рthe eyes. Create the correct form of the eyebrows with a brush, mask the dark circles with corrector, use mascara and outline the eye with a pencil or eyeliner. Now the eyes are your trump card!



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