Makeup for Beginners: 5 Easy Tips



1. Just the basics
You should start with the purchase of a small palette of basic colors of shadows. Most of these kits include white, light beige, flesh-colored, brown (taupe) and black. With this mosaic you will learn to make two of the most simple looks: daytime and evening smoky eyes.
How to do them can be easily found on the Internet, but it’s important to remember the first and foremost rule: for a perfect result you need to learn to use high-quality shading shadows. The key to success is to shade the color transition correctly. To perform the task you need only patience and a soft brush. After learning how to mix basic make-up colors quickly, you can move on to the more colorful options.

2. Arrows: all methods are good
To draw beautiful arrows, of course you have to get a lot of practice. But no one will judge you for “cheating” a little bit. Take an example from western beauty bloggers: to draw symmetrical arrows, they use whatever is at hand: this could be a plastic card or a pencil or even a spoon. Take a comfortable liner (for learning, a “pen” style is best) and try to draw arrows using the materials at hand. Here you will see – at first they will be strange and crooked, but then your hand will draw a beautiful line. By the way, if you get bored without bright colors, while you’re learning to do makeup in basic colors, this is a great reason to bring them back to your everyday look! Just draw arrows with colored eyeliner, which is becoming more and more popular.

3. Use a highlighter
Sculpting is a beautiful thing: you can “draw” all the features you have dreamed of using only a few tools. But if you are applying without the ideal skills developed yet, it is easy to overdo it. As long as we put aside dark gray blush, just focus on a highlighter – they often have reflective properties. They are applied in a dot and help transform the face in literally a few seconds: remove fatigue, refresh the skin and give a well-groomed and healthy shine. Firstly, it looks like real magic, and secondly, it is the first small step on the way to more complex sculpting. Remember that clean, radiant skin is the main key to beautiful makeup.

4. Focus on eyebrows
Beautiful, thick, well-groomed eyebrows are, in fact, hard work. But there is a way to ease your way to the perfect brows. For those who are just beginners at makeup, cosmetic companies produce entire sets of products. These versatile systems include the necessary shadows and wax for styling, and a pencil for drawing eyebrows. But that’s not all; in order to apply these tools correctly, there is a stencil in such kits. Therefore, it will take only a few minutes to draw downright perfect eyebrows. Pick up a stencil that will be right for your face shape and draw!

5. Smile and blush
Some girls flatly refuse to use blush makeup; they say it’s too much and looks unnatural. However, it should be said that the blush can becomes  the final touch to your image. Experiment using different types of blush, tint, creamy texture, shiny and matte products! Each option will have a different effect, and you can immediately understand what shades and intensity of application are suitable for you. The important thing to remember is if you want the blush to look natural, don’t apply too much. In order to know exactly where to use a –the brush just smile! The most prominent places on the cheeks – the “apples” – are the target points for the application. Now blend the color well.



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