Makeup Brushes: 10 Rules



Be careful: your favorite cosmetic brushes could be public enemy number one for your skin!
Not only do remnants of cosmetic products build up on makeup brushes, but so do dead epidermal cells, as well as microscopic pieces of fat from skin. This makes such brushes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria.

These microorganisms can cause irritation and other skin problems. However, even a clean brush can harmful for your skin if it’s made from the wrong material. To avoid this, follow these tips.

1.    For the application of powder, blush and other loose or crumbly products, use brushes made from natural materials. A brush from artificial fibers will work well for lipstick or liquid blushes.
2.    If you are allergic to animal dander or hair, just buy synthetic brushes. Choose only soft brushes that will not scratch your skin.
3.    After each use, wipe the makeup brush with a damp cloth to remove any excess product.
4.    Some beauty salons sell special solutions for cleaning makeup brushes. These can easily be replaced with children’s shampoo that does not contain conditioner.
5.    Once a week, wash your makeup brushes and applicators in warm water with this kind of shampoo and tea tree oil, or a similar natural antiseptic.
6.    If you want your brushes to last you a long time, do not rub them too hard while washing and be very careful when drying them.
7.    After washing the brushes, leave them to dry on a clean towel, making sure to smooth out the fibers beforehand.
8.    Do not use any brushes before you’re certain they have dried completely.
9.    Never lend your brushes to friends (even if you’re certain she has healthy skin) and never use anyone else’s applicators.
10.    Buy new makeup brushes every year. Bacteria can grow on cosmetic sponges. If you use these, try to change them out as often as possible – ideally you should throw them out after every use. Another possible source for harmful microorganisms – cosmetic pencils. Sharpen all of your pencils once a week, no matter if they’ve become dull or not.



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