How to model eyebrows in accordance with face shape


Take a note

1.Oval face

For ideally balanced face shape almost every shape of eyebrows is suitable. It is important to follow the rules described earlier, and to find the right height of arch.

2. Round face

Antonym of the circle is quadrat. That means that your option is angular eyebrows. This shape of eyebrows will help to highlight facial relief that so much of round-faced women would like to have. In case your eyebrows are too curvy, it is better to raise a tip: this will make a curve smaller. In case your eyebrows are straight, raise a peak point, which will make a curve bigger.

3. Quadrat face

Angular lower part of the face can add sharpness to the face. Therefore a little bit rounded shape of eyebrows can decrease this sharpness. It is important to keep the balance: eyebrows should be neither too sharp nor too round, as we do not draw the rainbow instead of eyebrows!

4. Inverted triangle face

We have to balance narrow chin and upper part of the face, and make them look softer. For this you have to give a slight curve to the eyebrow, and level the tip with the beginning of the eyebrow. Otherwise we can make upper part of the face visually wider, and this is not what we want.

5. Prolonged face

This type of the face has extended features. It is important to prolong the eyebrow arch, to make as much accent on the horizontal lines as possible. We make horizontal eyebrows with the tip pointing up. The wideness of an eyebrow can change depending from your features.

6. Pear or triangle face

This type of the face has narrow upper part and wide lower part. You can balance it with ascending eyebrows.

7. Diamond-shaped face

Cheekbones and temples are the widest parts of such a face. Eyebrows should not make them wider. It means that slightly curved eyebrows that have a tip and beginning on the same level are the perfect option. You can experiment with height and wideness of the arch depending from facial features.



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