Your Nail Color Says a Lot About your Character



Do you like a certain color of nail polish? Find out what it means. The original nail test!

Yellow (gold) are more likely to be chosen by people who are proud, self-sufficient and noble.

Women who wear green are are valued by relatives and friends for their optimism and diplomacy. And they consider themselves to be a creative person, willing to do any experiments.

Blue and light blue are the choice of freedom-loving people possessing the undisputable advantage of inner peace.

Berry and pink colors are preferred by girls who are serious and even conservative.

Scarlet / red are selected by impulsive people who believe the slogan “All or Nothing”. They are willing to go forward to get what they want – a thing, person or position.

Neutral shades are selected by practical people. They live by their own rules and are very surprised (and sometimes outraged), if someone violates them.

Black nail polish indicates a strong personality, the nature of “unisex”. These women are always ready to compromise, but they will defend their personal rights to the end.

Unpolished manicures are selected by women who love to get the maximum result, while spending a minimum of effort. They think like men, because they are usually very effective.



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