Nail Shapes




If you wish to give a strong impression with your hands, the square nail shape may be right for you. Ideally, you should have longer nails to do this shape where the width of the nail does not taper or change for the entire length. If your nails are too short, square tips can make your fingers look stubby.

Use your nail file at a 90° angle straight across the tip of the nail and file it smoothly.


This nail shape may have an unusual name, but it is one of the more flattering styles for all mail types. Begin by creating a square shape nail and then angle the file at 65° and round the corners to soften the look. The end of the nail should still be blunt and flat but with the corners shorter than the middle of the tip.

Nail Shapes

Oval / Rounded:

Oval or rounded nails has been in style for decades and remain one of the more popular shapes. The length of the nail is undisturbed on the sides, but the tip is rounded completely with no straight or blunt end.

Almond Nails:

This style of nails is a combination of oval ones and stilettos described below. Mark the center of the tip of your nail and file it gently from each side toward that mark. The narrow tip should be left flat with a gentle round shape to smooth it. If you have short fingers, this style of nail can help them look much longer.

Stiletto Nails:

The stiletto nails shape starts with the almond style but does not leave a flat, rounded tip. Instead, you will file your nail to a relatively sharp point. Since the overall structure of the nail is so changed, it is not a particularly strong style and would probably break frequently during everyday use. Save this one for special occasions and nights out at the club.



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