Nine Creative Organization Methods for Your Home



I found some of the greatest organization tips ever when I was browsing Pinterest the other day. They are really unique and definitely can help get rid of clutter and maximize storage in any home. Check out these nine great tips on how to organize your home simply and permanently.

#1 – Hang Spray Bottles

Hang Spray Bottles

Maximize storage space under the bathroom sink by installing a tension curtain rod across the top of the cabinet and hanging spray bottles of cleaner or air freshener from it. This makes a convenient way to grab what you need for any cleaning job.

#2 – Convenient Junk Baskets

Convenient Junk Baskets
Keep the house free of clutter easily without nagging or yelling at your kids. Place a sturdy basket or box on the stairs for each member of the family. Find something or theirs lying around? Simply toss it in their box so they can carry it upstairs and put it away themselves. This helps reduce clutter and takes some of the work away from Mom.

#3 – Hidden Files Bench

Hidden Files Bench
Regular file cabinets are not very attractive, but if you need to store a lot of paperwork in your house, consider this alternative. Purchase or build a file cabinet bench that does double duty as storage and seating.

#4 – No More Counter Clutter

No More Counter Clutter
Half a shoe organizer can easily hang on the inside of a bathroom cabinet and help reduce the clutter that accumulates on the counter. Maybe each member of your family should have a slot for their toiletries, or perhaps each one will be dedicated to a particular thing such as hair ties, combs and makeup.

#5 – Easy Wrap Storage

Easy Wrap Storage
Rather than a pile of jumbled plastic wrap, storage bags and foil boxes, why not maximize your cabinet space with a convenient hang-on basket? The under-shelf wire basket is perfect for keeping your wraps and bags convenient for regular use.

#6 – Easy Pot Lid Storage

Easy Pot Lid Storage
Lids for pots and pans create clutter quickly in cabinets and then it’s hard to find the one you are looking for as the food bubbles on the stove. Try installing metal towel racks to the inside of your cabinet doors. The lids can be slipped easily in the gap and will stay in place by the lid handles. More storage space and better organization simply!

#7 – Plastic Lid CD Holders

Plastic Lid CD Holders
Plastic food containers are very convenient, but the lids are hard to contain. Ever open a cabinet to have a bunch cascade out onto the floor? Use an old CD rack inside your cabinets to tuck the plastic lids securely away. Not only does this stop an avalanche, but it makes finding the right lid super easy.

#8 – Separate Closet Shelves
Separate Closet Shelves
Ever think of flipping a bookcase upside down? The support brackets on the underside of each shelf can do double duty as convenient shelf separators. This makes organizing your clothing and other items much easier and more secure.

#9 – Organize Travel Mugs and Bottles

Organize Travel Mugs and Bottles

Shoe organizers have so many uses other than for just shoes. Families have a lot of travel mugs and water bottles that need to be stored between outings. Combine the two for a convenient and easy to use mug and bottle organizer. Hang the shoe organizer over a closet door and slip the bottles in. No more clutter.

Have you tried these organizational methods in your home? Which ones are most useful to you? Do you have other tips to make your home a less cluttered, more organized place?



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