Ombre Lips – Perfect Makeup Style at Home



    Ombre style has been in for clothing, hair and makeup all over the globe. Women love to find new tutorials about how to incorporate this colorful look into their life. Why not carry this unique color palette to your lips? Women with wider or fuller lip shape can more easily display the ombre makeup look. While you can use this technique with any variations of red, orange, pink and peach, we thought it would be fun to show a purple and pink variety today.

    Image Source: websta

    Materials Needed:
    •    moisturizing cream for lips
    •    lip pencil in purple
    •    lipstick in pink
    •    lip pencil or brush

    1.    Moisturize your lips completely so the lipstick will stay for a longer time.
    2.    Outline the curves of your lips with the purple pencil smoothly. Follow the pictures to understand how to do this perfectly.
    3.    Smooth the pink lipstick in the spaces left behind after you use the purple pencil. Do not put the pink all the way over the purple.
    4.    Use a lip pencil or brush to blend the two colors together to create a perfect ombre style.



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