The Perfect Gift: How To Make An Infinity Scarf in 10 Minutes



When it comes to traditional scarves or infinity scarves, many people often choose infinity scarves. After all, they don’t have to tie it, there’s no fringe and it provides perfect length each time it’s used. In essence, it’s the perfect neck “clothing” for the autumn and winter seasons.

Of course, in order to wear an infinity scarf, you need to know how to make an infinity scarf.

Well, learning how to make an infinity scarf can be done in 10 minutes, making it the ideal gift for anyone on your list.

Materials Needed To Make An Infinity Scarf

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You need two things:

•    1 yard fabric
•    Matching thread

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Step 1: Stretching The Fabric

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The very first step of how to make an infinity scarf is spread the fabric out so that it lies flat.  After that, you need to do a zigzag stitch (or serge stitch on the outside of it. This ensures the edges will not become unraveled or frayed.

Step 2: Folding

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When you have the right side together, you want to fold the scarf in half, bringing the long sides together (think hot dog). Make sure you sew it completely down the non-folded edge so that you produce a thin tube of fabric.

Step 3: Turning and Tucking

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Now, ensure the tube is turned right side out. The last two raw edges need to be laid flat. With one raw edge, fold it like you’re hemming it. With the other raw edge, tuck it inside.

Step 4: Sew The Fabric

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After the raw edged has been tucked into the folded-over edge, you need to put a pin in it and sew it using a straight stitch. Press the seams together, fluff the scarf and it’s complete!

And, that’s how you make an infinity scarf, that can be both fashionable and festive, in 10 minutes or less.




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