Perfect Lips



1. Lipstick is better to stay and look good if you prepare your lips before application. They need to be made smooth with a light peel, so cover them with mouth cream or a balm, and without pressure, rub with a paper towel. Then refresh the thin layer of balm to maintain skin elasticity. You can also add a little foundation to even color. Lightly powder the lips with a large brush.

2. Draw an outline of the lips with a pencil, first the top, then the bottom. For a more natural look, smudge the inside edge of the line with your finger or a cotton swab.

3. Apply lipstick with a brush, also starting with the upper lip, from the center to the corners and then on the bottom. Blot with a first layer of tissue paper, and powder again. Lipstick will be more vivid and persistent.

4. Add a little bling – with a brush, apply a gloss on the center of the lips. This technique will give them more volume. If glitter does not fit into your image, replace it with a drop of highlighter, which is commonly used to lighten the area under the eyes.

5. To make your lips more plump and seductive, use your favorite lip balm .

Literally 5 minutes after applying this the gel to the lips, you will see and feel that they have become softer and bigger! The effect will last for 3-5 hours, after which it will be possible to re-apply your favorite lip balm.




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