Quick and Easy Updo Hairstyle at Home



Today’s busy women have so much to do when they get ready in the morning but do not want to sacrifice style. If your go to hairstyle is a neat ponytail or a twist with a clip, you may enjoy changing it up and trying out this quick and easy updo hairstyle you can make at home. Any woman with medium or long length hair can complete this fun and attractive hairstyle in just a matter of minutes.

Materials Needed:

•    Hair clips
•    Bobby pins
•    Hairspray


Quick and Easy Updo Hairstyle


1.    After combing your hair well, separate one section, which is about as thick as your thumb, at each side in the front.
2.    Pull these strands around to the back of your head as seen in the picture and knot them together two or three times.
3.    Use bobby pins to secure the knots so they will last all day. Use as many as necessary.
4.    Gather the rest of your hair together and roll it into a bun that covers the knots you made with the smaller hair sections. Secure this with bobby pins or a clip.
5.    Give your hairdo a coating of hairspray to give it more staying power for a long workday or evening out with your friends.



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