Rainbow Loom Pattern: Pretty Hibiscus Flower



The popularity of the Rainbow Loom, a crafty toy created by Cheong Choon in 2010, exploded in 2013 and continues to this day. Girls interested in crafts love using the loom to create unique jewelry and accessory pieces with colorful rubber bands and their imagination.

We recently found a pattern for a large hibiscus flower design that really caught our attention. It can be used on its own or incorporated into a multi-flower design like the blue bracelet pictures below. We think you will love the design too! With the multitude of possible color combinations, you can make this hibiscus flower to match any outfit you own. Not only does it give you a wonderful end result, but you will also enjoy the process.

Pretty Hibiscus Flower

Watch the video below to learn how to craft this Rainbow Loom hibiscus flower and bracelet. You can do this alone or with your child who loves to craft. Pick out the colors you enjoy the most and get started. The options are endless with this inexpensive and enjoyable toy.


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