How To Restore A Dried Mascara



1.    If your mascara has dried out, add a few eye drops (any kind) to the tube. Using regular water is not recommended as it can ruin the product.

 Restore A Dried Mascara

2.    Add a couple of eye makeup remover drops to your mascara if you want to bring it back to life.
3.    Dried mascara or eyeliner can be diluted with an alcohol free tonic, which will make it easier to apply and last longer.
4.    To restore dried mascara, place it in warm water for a while. You will have to do this each time before use.
5.    Place a closed mascara tube inside a glass filled with hot water (only 1/3 of the tube should be submerged). This will soften the product and make it less likely to leave lumps.



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