Reveal Your Personality with Nail Shapes



Women do many things to show off their unique style and personality from hairdos to make up to clothing choices. Did you know that the shape you file your nails also can reveal different aspects of your personality to? Read on to learn about the most popular nail shapes and what impression they give about you to the world.

Perhaps the most common nail shape, rounded or oval nails look great on a woman’s hands. Because they are soft and curved, they give the impression of ultimate femininity and even a touch of romance. Filing your nails in a gently rounded shape would be perfect for a first date or even your wedding day.

This hybrid nail shape – a combination of square and oval – combines the feminine aspect of the round style with the stronger and more assertive aspects of square nail shapes. The blunt cut with the rounded corners can help you reveal your ambition or assertiveness and may be perfect for a job interview or a power lunch with the client.

Square tipped fingernails are stronger still and can showcase your power personality. When you are feeling particularly strong and assertive, file your nails flat across the top. You will give the impression of being a leader and the one to watch in both the social situations and business.

No fingernail shape is sexier than the sharp points of the stiletto filing style. Just like the high heels that share the similar name, these tapered nails give the impression that you love a challenge and are ready to take on any dare or exciting adventure. This nail style, because it is more prone to breaking then wider filing techniques, is better for special occasions and special dates with your significant other.

Going to an art gallery or starting a new job at a graphic design office? Reveal your unique and creative side with this edgy fingernail shaping technique. It is bold yet out of the ordinary, and can say a lot about the effort you took in thinking outside the box with your personal style.

No matter what the situation or event, filing your nails into one of these shapes can reveal a lot about who you are, your attitudes towards others and how you wish to be viewed. Match your fingernails to your personality and get ready to take on the world.




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