Romantic Lace Nail Style at Home



This stylish and beautiful nail art design is perfect for a wedding, romantic dinner or even every day wear. With the proper tools, it becomes simple to create a lace style in your own home.

Materials Needed:

Nail airbrush
Base coat
Clear top coat
White nail polish
Polish remover
Lace fabric
Tiny rhinestone or pearl and nail glue

Lace Nail Style


Begin with a simple French manicure as a base of this lovely design. Brush on a smooth layer of base coat and let it dry completely before continuing. Next, hold a piece of lace fabric over each nail and airbrush on the white polish. You use the lace like a nail art stencil. Be sure not to move it during application or you will have smudges. Remove the lace and use polish remover to get rid of excess on your skin surrounding the nail. With a tiny dot of nail glue, add a rhinestone accent or a tiny pearl as shown in the picture.


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