Smooth, velvety skin with narrow pores and gentle blush is the latest craze, surpassing even the panic over wrinkles. It’s not as difficult as it seems to become the owner of this treasure.

• Wash with cold mineral water, but only with gas. Bursting bubbles stimulate circulation. Squeeze out a little bit of lemon juice into the water to narrow pores.

• During your youth, enlarged pores are a consequence of increased sebum production and with age parakeratosis becomes the cause. In other words, impaired epidermal cell renewal, which accumulates not only on the skin’s surface, but in pores, deforms and expands them. Solution? Exfoliants, salon peels and special products for a T-zone.

• Kefir, a crumb of black bread, and lemon juice have long been used to narrow pores. They have one thing in common – an acidic environment. This is where an adequate cell exfoliation and alignment of the skin takes place. But it’s only worth it to look in the fridge if you don’t have a good exfoliating product.

• Facial scrub seems too harsh? Mix it with the milky make-up remover.

• If you have acne, add a serum for a problem skin to your usual face cream. But give up red dress, bright scarlet lipstick and blush at this time, not to emphasize flaws.

• Masks, based on cosmetic clay (white, green and so on), clean the skin well and narrow pores. But if the skin is dry, don’t keep them on the face until dry. Otherwise apply topically.

• If you add a few drops of firming serum to the foundation, it will gain lifting properties. If you add a matting product, it will narrow pores. A moisturizing emulsion makes the tone lighter and more transparent.

• Don’t apply shiny products to areas where pores are expanded – it makes them stand out. Use a narrowing primer, matt tone and powder in these areas.

• Powder bronzer can also emphasize pores. Use it in small doses. But don’t discard it completely. Especially because it can successfully replace eye shadow or eyebrow pencil.

• But peachy pink blush, conversely, distracts attention from the imperfections and gives the face a fresh look. Blend it not only in the “apple” cheekbones, but also in the area under eyebrows and chin (of course, just a little bit).

• Don’t apply concealer directly to the skin. First apply a drop to the back of the hand and only then dose it with fingers. But only with clean fingers, not the ones blending the product.
• Always apply concealer to the wings of the nose. That’s where you have the most blackheads, enlarged blood vessels, and other imperfections. In addition, brightening this area will erase five years from the face. Shade near the nose adds age.

• Do you need to instantly freshened up your skin? Bend down and count to thirty. Fresh blush and bright eyes are guaranteed. Bonus – the clarity of thought, as the blood rushes to the head.

• Drop a bit of “Visine” (or other drops) on a cotton pad and put in the freezer. Five minutes later apply it to the inflamed area. Three minutes later, the skin will calm down and brighten up. Similarly, an aspirin tablet moistened with water will have the same effect. It even helps with herpes (“cold sore”) on the lips.

• Beaten into a cool foam egg whites have always been a magnificent “pore eraser” and are still now. Apply it to the problem areas of the face. Allow to dry (at this point the skin will get very tight), rinse with cool water and moisturize.


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