Several Important Points for the Ideal Cat Eye



1. Your hand should have a firm footing while drawing wings – it’s the foundation of accuracy.

2. Don’t draw the wings with your eyes closed; it’s better if the eyelids are open. There are two options: either  throw your back your head slightly or lower the mirror and look at yourself from below. This way it’s easier to see in which direction the wing will go; if you keep your eyelids closed you’re likely to draw a line parallel to the floor.

3. Determine in advance the shape of the wings and their lengths. Consider the features of your eyes: if they are deep-set, it’s not necessary to draw a line the width of a finger; if they are widely separated – don’t make the wings too long, etc.

 Ideal Cat Eye

4. By knowing the nuances of your own appearance, you most likely won’t be drawing wings up to the temple with broad gestures. Anyway – I wouldn’t advise to go out more than 0.5 mm from the corner of the eye.

5. Don’t attempt to draw wings in one motion from the inner corner to the outer corner– you have to have a very steady hand to do it “in one touch”.

6. If your hands are shaking from fear so much that you’re getting shaky lines, try using tape. Stick it under the line where the wing will go as a stencil.



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