Side Braid and Bun Hairstyle Made Easy



If you have medium or long length hair and have some skill with braiding, you can make this side braid and bun hairstyle in 10 short minutes. It is perfect for the office or for going out in the evening and always looks like you spent a lot of money or time at the salon getting it done. In a rush? You can even complete this hairdo in the car in a parking lot before you head into work. The braid can be made straight or following the curve of your head for a more unique look.

Materials needed:

• Elastic hairband
• Bobby pins


Side Braid and Bun Hairstyle

1. Use your fingers to separate out three sections of hair at or near the front to begin the braid. For this hairstyle, start a bit on the side.
2. Create a classic braid along the curve of your head as shown in the picture.
3. Continue the braid all the way to the end and tie it off with an elastic hairband.
4. Roll the end of the braid up to create a bun at the base of your skull. Secure it with bobby pins.
5. The quick and easy braid and bun hairstyle is complete, but you can dress it up with a few flowers, hair jewels or a pretty clip.


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