Simple Steps For The Ideal Make-Up Look



As we all know, trying to find a make-up style that actually suits our face and our own demeanour is very important. Matching colours as well as finding the right styles and shapes that make your face look at its best is very important. Here are some of the simple things you should be thinking about to try and create a much more balanced shape to your make-up and your face in general;


Consider what shape your face actually is – do your eyebrows complement that shape? Do they go with the rest of your features on your face? Choosing an eyebrow shape that actually blends in with the rest of your style can bring everything together. While you may not be 100% keen on the eyebrow shape on its own, when blended together with the rest it can look brilliant.
For example, if your face is a round shape you want to make sure you have high arches and a gentle curve within your brows themselves. This will create a rounder look overall to your face.

Highlights & Skin Contours

Highlights & Skin Contours
When it comes to picking a highlight and a contour, you want to be picking a shade which is two shades lighter than your actual tone for highlights. Use a non-shimmering bronze for your contours, they look better and avoid you from looking plastic!
Try and highlight points like your cheekbones and creases in your skin rather than try to hide them by covering your whole face in make-up. Highlighting the key parts of your face that stick out to you can really help make your whole face look more balanced and natural.


If you have dry skin go for a cream, if you have oily skin then use a powder – it’s that simple! Likewise, make sure that you go for the right colour that matches your skin. For example, darker skin suits a red/plumb colour whereas pale skin suits a pink or coral colour, very easy to match up and manage!

Eye Shape

Eye Shape
You should always be trying to consider your eye-shape as a whole before you get started – try and envisage what you should be trying to do with your own eye-shapes. For example, if you have eyes that turn down the way then you want to try and lift your eyes up to make them look more balanced. With so many eye types out there it’s hard to get the right style for you from reading about it but looking at your eyes closely will give you a better idea of what shape you should be trying to include.

eyeliner techniques
As well as these basics, looking into eyeliner techniques that fit with the style of dress and design you are going for is very important – after all, if you go for a minimalist look and then fire on a smokey looking mascara, it’s going to throw the whole look you have worked so hard to achieve.

smokey looking mascara
Likewise when it comes to lipstick and nail varnish, it all depends on your own style and your technique, as well as what you like to wear and how the rest of your make-up looks.


nail varnish

There’s no need to take any chances with your make-up and under or overdo it, with a little bit of experimentation and putting the tips in place that were above you can easily maximize your beauty and your potential!



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