Simple Tips for Perfect Lipstick Application



Most women open the tube of lipstick and smear it over their lips without much thought, but applying lipstick the right way really does make a difference. You can even create the illusion of narrower or thicker, more sensuous lips. While different tips can be found that include using lip liner first, variations in color combinations and applying foundation before lip color, the best tip of all is to always use a dedicated lipstick brush to put on lipstick.

Lipstick Application
Lipstick Application


A lipstick brush allows for precise control over how much makeup actually ends up on your top and bottom lip. Combined with careful use of liner pencils, you can create a slightly different shape than your natural lip line in order to make your lips appear larger or smaller. Avoid using lip liners darker or brighter than the lipstick color, as this can result in a cheap appearance. Just put a small bit of color on each lip and use the brush to smooth it out carefully. You will be left with perfect, kissable lips.




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