What is your sleeping position?

sleeping position
sleeping position


Research proves that the way a person sleeps can tell us everything about them – their thoughts, feelings, and desires. Take this test and see for yourself!

Psychologists established a strong link between one’s sleeping position and the way they view the world. In fact, scientists believe that a sleeping person’s body language never lies.

So what does your sleeping position mean?

Your subconsciousness dictates your body language. Your mind controls the way you communicate with the rest of the world through words, thus allowing you the ability to intentionally give false information. However, you can’t ‘fake’ body language. That’s why our gestures and facial expressions say more about us than our own words could. The most credible information you can get about another person is while they’re sleeping. When we’re awake, we have partial control over our gestures and facial expressions. When we’re asleep, our consciousness is inactive, and our body language is controlled exclusively by our subconsciousness.

Of course, we don’t remain in the same sleeping position all night. Our sleeping position may change up to 40 times a night, and even more if we’re feeling particularly stressed. Nevertheless, each of us has a ‘favorite’, a position we sleep in most of the time. It tends to be the position that you wake up in (waking up to an alarm clock doesn’t count, as it can wake you up at any stage of sleep)

Determine your favorite sleeping position and check out the interpretation

1.    Sleeping on your back

As a rule, sleeping in this position means you’re feeling quite relaxed. It’s a sign of confidence and psychological power. People like that feel confident in any given situation, and are always ready to take in new information and make new acquaintances. However, confidence can often turn into arrogance. Spreading your arms and legs wide and taking up a lot of space on the bed indicates that.

sleeping position
sleeping position

2.    Fetal position

This is position 1, characterized by sleeping on your side with your legs often pressed up against your belly, and your arms wrapped around your body or the blanket. People who sleep in this position usually stay in one corner of the bed and like to sleep next to a wall. This position indicates that a person feels intimidated in life, and doesn’t feel like engaging in situations and events happening around them. They need a ‘guardian’, someone who can take care of them and protect them from life’s challenges.

2.    Sleeping on your belly

This position is characterized by sleeping on your belly hugging the bed with your arms. A person will normally rest their arms on the pillow or alongside their body, with their legs straightened. A person who sleeps predominantly in this position likes to take charge and make his own decisions in life. They often don’t take criticism very well, as they believe their own actions and decisions are the only ‘correct’ ones. This sleeping position indicates the person is stubborn and extremely driven to achieve their goal, as well as attentive to detail.

4.    Sleeping on the side

The last sleeping position is characterized by sleeping on your side, but not curled up in a ball like the first one. Your arms and legs are stretched out, or slightly bent. As a rule, this position can be distinguished from the fetal position as the body tends to look more relaxed. People who prefer this sleeping position have an analytical mindset, are stable and reliable. They find it quite easy to adapt to any situation in life, and can overcome hardships without possessing extraordinary mental strength or any kind of special qualities.


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