Here are some tips on finding benefits in household items you would think are completely useless



1.    Banana peel – this is a great nutrient for plants. When moving a plant, add minced peel to the planter. You can dry the peel first. The peel decays fast, feeding the plant with micro elements, especially calcium, which affects plant leaves.
2.    Unsweetened coffee grounds – another good source of calcium. Simply pour it on the soil around your plant carefully.
3.    Walnut shells are a great natural way to provide drainage to your plants. When moving your plant, place some on the bottom of the new planter.
4.    If you’re growing roses, place an iron nail in the planter under the roots. If you have a garden, use a can instead. The rust on the iron oxidizes, making it nutritious for the plant. Roses that receive enough iron oxide are healthier and have more beautiful blossoms.
5.    Dried tangerine peel in your closet will keep off moths and add some pleasant scent.
6.    Orange peel is the best when it comes to cleaning your microwave oven. Place 1-2 orange peels in a cup, add enough water to fully submerge them, and run on max. heat for 5 minutes. Clean your microwave with warm water and a sponge. It will be easy! If you do this regularly, you won’t have to use any chemical cleaning products.


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