Tips for growing healthy, happy, long hair



OK,  so unfortunately, there’s no ‘quick ftx for growing long hair. well, not unless you choose to spend a ton of money on extensions or a wig. I used to have hair down to my hips, and had it all cut off a good few years ago. I started to re-grow my hair a couple of years ago, and now it is down to mid-back I often get a lot of comments about how fast it is growing, and how healthy it look, so Im going to share a few trick and tips with you.

If, hair is damaged, it will not grow. The first and best tip I can give you is to keep your hair healthy. The longer your hair is, the older the ends are, and the most likely areas to become damaged. Therefore it is vital to keep your hair healthy. Luckily ,you don’t need any special expensive treatments for this.

1. Shampoo kills ends

Honestly, it does. Hands up who pours a whole load of shampoo onto your hair and works it in right down to the ends? Stop! Pour a small amount into your palm and work it into a lather in your hands. Now massage it well in to your scalp and really work it into your skin. This opens the follicles and unclogs your pores.  Just like washing your face. Ignore the ends for now – they ‘ll clean themselves as you wash the suds out.

2. Condition – but not the scalp!

Use a good conditioner (as my hair is so fine, I actually use normal conditioner most of the time, but once I use Tresemme’ s deep conditioner masque – it’s like a face pack for your hair). Massage the conditioner gently in to your ends only – from your ears down. Oh, and when it says leave on for 2 mins, it means 2 mins….not 30 seconds. Don’t put any on your scalp -it clogs the follicles and undoes your earlier work.

3- Avoid heat!

Put that hairdryer down and step away from the curlers and straighteners! My hairdryer is actually currently sitting in a box on top of my wardrobe – I only ever use it in an emergency. Heat strips your hair of its natural oils and makes it brittle and dry.

4 Towel-drying and air-drying

Towel-drying can me just as had as using a hairdryer if not done correctly. Don ‘t scrub your hair, as that causes damage – simply part the ends dry. I use the towel to massage my scalp dry as i have very fine hair and if left to totally hair dry, the area around my scalp dries flat and lifeless. Towel-drying that area lifts it, gives it more body and encourages my natural wave. I leave the rest to air-dry naturally.

 5. Brushing

Here you may have to splash out some money -get rid of any plastic brushes or brushes with knobs on the end of the bristles. Try to get a brush made from natural bristles, as those are softer on your hair. Never, brush or comb your hair whilst it’s wet – that’s when it’s most likely to snap. If you must brush your hair while it’s wet, use your fingers.

6. Rags

I have fairly wavy hair naturally, hut sometimes I want to emphasise these. Rather than using curlers, which ruin hair, I use rags at night, which give a much softer and more natural wave.

So by following these tips, your hair will love you for it….and you’ll love your sleek shiny, healthy and LONG hair!



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