Top Tips to Lose Belly Fat Fast


No one likes an unsightly fat belly and the health ramifications of carrying excess weight around your middle are many.  It can contribute to chronic complaints such as heartburn and bloating, but is also a contributing factor for a heart disease and diabetes.  According to a recent survey nine out of 10 people in the United States are dissatisfied with the way of their stomach looks and feels.  When you are ready to begin your weight loss and began working for a smooth flat midsection, you will love these seven top the tips to lose your belly fat fast.

Losing the fat on your belly and getting the smooth, flat look you desire is relatively simple, even though it requires effort and dedication on your part.

Last year, I lost six sizes and an awful lot of weight and I feel confident my tips on losing stomach fat can help you as well.  If you follow the seven steps below, you are nearly guaranteed to get the perfect looking and much help belly you always wanted.

How Much Weight Can You Realistically Lose?

The first step in any undertaking is planning.  How many pounds do you want to lose and is that amount healthy and realistic for your body type?  Setting of this type of goal can help you quantify your progress and provides encouragement as you go along.  Understand that achieving a flat belly will not be done in a few days or even a few weeks if you have more to lose.  Effort and dedication is needed to reach your goal.  But while you are sweating as you exercise or drinking water instead of a sugary soft drink, remember that achieving your goal is possible and you can get the body you really want.

Lose Belly Fat Fast

Here are my best seven tips for losing belly fat fast:

Water, Water Everywhere Helps Shift Stubborn Belly Fat

No matter how much you weigh or what your current health status is, drinking more water always helps.  Maintain optimum hydration by bringing a water bottle with you wherever you go and taking frequent sips throughout the day.  This can not only help you avoid snacking or other high calorie drinks, but will also add off the lead of energy and vitality.  You will lose stomach fat much more easily if you get in the habit of drinking water regularly.

Eat a Rainbow

Improving your overall health can help you lose weight and exchange unsightly fat for lean muscle mass.  For optimum nutrition and the most vitamins and nutrients, eat a rainbow on your plate at every meal.  This means to choose brightly colored vegetables and fruits as well as your lean protein and whole grains.  The more colorful the produce is, the greater concentration of nutrients.

Cut Junk Food and Fast Food to Destroy Belly Fat

While you are busy eating a wide variety of vegetables and other healthy foods, it is important to reduce the amount of junk food and fast food you consume.  People with busy schedules need to plan ahead to have alternatives instead of hitting the drive through.  Fast food is high in fat, salt and calories: all things that contribute to a bloated belly and an unhealthy body overall.  If you must grab a quick meal on the go, stick with salads without added meat and dressing or grilled chicken selections without high calorie sauces.

Stop Drinking all Soda

Since you will be drinking so much water, you may lose your taste for sugary sodas altogether, but the some people giving up their cola or root beer may be very difficult.  Just remember that sodas contain high fructose corn syrup, which is not processed well by the human body.  Also, just one serving, which is much less than most people drink, as more calories than a large banana and absolutely no nutrients whatsoever.

Blast Belly Fat with Weight-Bearing Aerobic Exercises

Exercise is essential for getting and maintaining a flat belly.  Many think that a strict regimen of sit-ups and crunches must be followed forever.  While these are beneficial for the stomach muscles, a wider variety of exercises are needed for optimum health and fitness.  Weight bearing exercise such as job being or vigorous dancing, improves your metabolism and increases fitness overall.

Include Non-Weight-Bearing Exercise for Complete Fitness

Non weight bearing exercises, such as riding a bicycle or paddling a boat, can also provide the fitness you need to maintain a flat belly.  These should both be combined with strength exercises such as sit-ups and using machines at a gym in order to maximize the effectiveness of your entire flat belly program.

Combining water with healthy food and a variety of exercise can not only reduce unhealthy belly fat, but also give you better looks and energy for your entire life.



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